Creating easy to use, niche market technology solutions to improve quality of information and life



 JAMTek (Jones and Malterer Technology Innovations) is a St. Louis-based product development company bringing quality, easy-to-use products to life. We focus on solving real world problems with creative technology-based solutions. The co-founders are Dave Jones, president of Dave Engineering, LLC and Nigel Malterer, owner/president of Scinomix, Inc.

Jones, an electrical engineer who formerly worked at the Kennedy Space Center, has patents in bed room furniture, wireless technology and HVAC motor control devices. His designing portfolio includes restaurant ovens and broilers, an adjustable bed base, an electric, zero-turn mower and a containment device for the Ebola virus.

Malterer has more than 30 years of experience in engineering design and laboratory automation. He co-founded Scinomix in 2001, which provides solutions for hospitals, research institutes, government facilities, university research laboratories, agricultural science companies and pharmaceutical development companies.



IZALYT (iz-uh-light) is the first product from this collaboration. But the technology within it holds the promise of many more exciting products still to come. We pride ourselves on three key points of our product.

  1. U.S.A made. The Izalyt bluetooth connectors are all handmade and programed in St. Louis, Missouri, assuring quality in hardware and in performance.
  2. Easy to set up. The Izalyts are ready to use right out of the box. Just unwind, plug in, download the app, and go!
  3. Easy to use. Once you have the lights set up, and the app downloaded, using these lights is a breeze. Plus, in-app walkthroughs and demo videos are available to help users grow in comfortability working the app.

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